Dragon city games

There are many games which shows great adventure and fantasy settings. In this games the most important form of attraction are the dragons. Furthermore in such gams the wizards and knights battle against the evil forces.

In most of these games the dragons appear to be as fearsome beasts who tends to be the centre of the storyline. This article will discuss some of the games in which the dragons plays the major part. Some of them are:

1. Scale bound

This is an upcoming game which has users hooked up when the trailer was released. Here the centre storyline revolves around drew.

Drew is basically an individual who is linked to a dragon. In simple terms when you play the game you will play the part of drew and the titanic beast will help you fight the enemies.

The dragon will be AI controlled and you can give the dragon orders when the enemies are trying to fight you.

Now if you want to enrich the experience when you are playing the game on multiplayer, you will have the ability to change the appearance of your dragon and also have the chance to upgrade its abilities.

When you will have the power of the dragon right by your side then playing the game will be a bliss. Now all you can do is wait and see whether all the rumours about it are true or not.

2. Dungeons and dragons

This game beings with a spectacular screenplay. You arrive on a shipwrecked shore and it is the time your created dragon appears.

Now your task is to free the island from the tyranny of sahuagin. Furthermore the main highlight of this game is white dragon named as Aussircaex.

This is a powerful dragon which enslaved on the island with the help of mystical powers. The game basically asks to battle you sahuagin forces and free Aussircaex

3. The elder scrolls V: Skyrim

When you hear the words dragon games then this games generally is the first one that comes to the mind. The game begins in a snowy landscapes with unknown adventures and dangers you created dragon known as dragon born makes it first appearance.

With the help of this dragon you only task is defeat the dragons which are destined to bring harm upon the world. Getting the sword and bow, you will able to harness the powers other dragons that are trying to fight you.

4. Dragon nest

With this game you ae made the hero of alteria. In this game you need to find the cure of goddess named althea. Althea is basically a poisoned goddess who had been poisoned by evil goodness known as vestinel.

In order to find this cure you are made to fight evil dragons on your journey. The battles are incredible and has fantastic visuals. You need to fight with the massive forces of evil in order to come with a cure.

5. World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is basically known for the dragon battles. It has beautiful storyline which will make you play the game for hours.

First the players is faced death wing as it makes it way to the Maelstrom. However the final battle takes place in maelstrom where you will be given the chance to destroy the evil concept.

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